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Dogs, Illustrated

If there’s one positive outcome of a global pandemic, it’s having found the time to rediscover long-forgotten interests. Before December 2020 I hadn’t picked up a pencil in more than 15 years, but my close friend Lydia’s upcoming birthday prompted me to illustrate her dog Cookie. Her emotional reaction to the gift set me on a new recreational path of illustrating dogs, with other friends and family members lining up to have their beloved canine immortalized in graphite.

The following are recently completed portraits—click each dog illustration for details.

Illustrate my dog
Cookie Dog Illustration by Harv Craven


Austin Dog Illustration by Harv Craven


CC Dog Illustration by Harv Craven


Elwood Dog Illustration SM by Harv Craven


Winnie Dog Illustration SM by Harv Craven


Fox Illustration by Harv Craven Sm


Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about your dog portraits.
You will receive a single head study, hand-drawn 9″-x-12″ graphite illustration on Strathmore 400 Series recycled drawing paper. The final illustration will be supplied to you packaged flat and ready to frame.

What kind of image do you need?
I require clear, in-focus, high resolution images of your canine companion. Due to the photorealistic appearance of my illustrations, low-resolution, blurry, or dark images are not suitable for my reference. Your dog should be well lit and no parts of their face obscured by objects. At this time I offer head studies only, so the body portion is irrelevant in your supplied photograph. Head over here to upload your photos.

How long does it take?
A typical pencil drawing will take 7–10 days from start to completion.

How do we get started?
I need to see photos of your dog to ensure good reference quality. Due to increased interest in my illustrations, I work from a commissions list in the order in which orders are received. When your commission comes up I will contact you to advise of delivery dates. I will then begin your illustration and keep you updated throughout with progress photos. Once your commission is complete we will arrange for local pickup.